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Harvard Launches New Brand & Design Service | B2B Marketing

H:LAB combines the agency’s strengths to help tech brands looking to stand out and stand for something.

Harvard, the tech specialist marketing and PR agency, today announced the launch of its new branding offering, H:LAB. Bringing together the science and art of branding by combining Harvard’s strengths across strategy and planning, creative, design and content.

The brainchild of Andrew Last, MD of marketing at Harvard and executive creative director, Marc Allenby, H:LAB was developed out of an opportunity to help its tech clients differentiate in an increasingly crowded market and meet customer demand for experience led engagement.

“The tech space has become even more crowded and complex. It’s no longer enough for brands to offer an amazing product or service. With the blurring of business and personal, and with only 5-10% of potential customers being in-market at any time, brands need to go further – they must provide customers with a standout end-to-end experience. Now we’ve brought all of our design, branding and storytelling expertise together in one place at Harvard, we’re in the perfect position to help tech brands navigate these new demands,” says Andrew.

Standout work already delivered by the H:LAB team includes developing _VOIS, a unified brand for Vodafone Group’s shared services; Workplace from Meta’s Life on the Frontline branded content campaign; and creating a new visual identity and brand experience for Cisco-led innovation project 5G RuralFirst. H:LAB will support Harvard’s B2B marketing and PR services as well as its consumer agency, Eat-The-Fox.

Harvard has grown exponentially over the past 11 years, with revenues increasing on average 18% every year. Its work with global technology leaders and challenger brands Cisco, Vodafone, HubSpot, Square, Bloomberg and NetApp, amongst others, has led it to become one of the leading specialist technology marketing and PR agencies in the UK.  From a traditional PR-base the company has made the transition to a true marketing services organisation growing from 10 to 100+ people over the same period.

“At Harvard our mission is to help tech brands make their move – from brand repositioning, launching into a new market and everything in between. H:LAB is a natural evolution of the work we do to  support our clients to reach their business goals. Both our current and new clients will benefit from the opportunity that H:LAB brings to make sure their brand is in the best position to fuel their growth,” says Ellie Thompson, Harvard CEO.

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