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Ignite USA: The answer to finding your B2B tribe

As one of last year’s digital moderators, I’ve been centre stage of Ignite USA. I know first hand why it’s worth attending. Here are some of my thoughts.

Born industrial. Raised digital. I am an unapologetically industrial marketer, industrialist, agency leader, and trusted advisor to iconic manufacturing brands. You might know me as founder and CEO of INDUSTRIAL, the global marketing agency responsible for launching MFG Day, the most significant brand activation in the history of American manufacturing.

Since 2003, leading brands Schneider Electric, Motion Industries, Hunter Industrial, Fast Radius, ABB Baldor, ITW, Coats, Red Kap, ASME, NIST, SKF, Worthington Industries, and many more have tapped my exceptionally talented team and me to help them be better marketers and sellers of their industrial products and services.

Why B2B-ers need to pay attention to brand now more than ever

Brand is this year’s topic of Ignite USA. This is critically important because as B2B marketers we are challenged to establish and maintain a state of brand omnipresence. Human, virtual, and machine-assisted brand activations must now be wherever, whenever, and however our key stakeholders are living and working. Today, there is arguably no place where a brand, a product, an experience, or promise begins or ends.

Covid-19 has brought the business into the home and vice-versa, making it increasingly imperative for B2B leaders to make their way of wielding, collaborating, and delivering on their brand promise obsolete before generational, technology, market forces, or the competition does.

My interactive session: The future of integrated and aligned brands

B2B marketers that centre their brand teams on the customer, leveraging data, AI, and innovation will win the business of the future.

Brace yourself for a fast-paced look at what our next generation of leaders are doing now to integrate and align their people and partners on brand and strategy. You will see and hear a ‘future is now’ view of the delta B2B organisations must immediately cross to win hearts, minds, and wallets.

More broadly I’ll discuss the challenge that B2B brands face, as perceived by target audiences and stakeholders – internal alignment, changing buyer expectations and the increasing complexity of execution.

This is going to hurt a little.

Why you need to attend Ignite USA

Community and inclusion mattered most at Ignite USA 2021. It walked the DEI talk, presenting a diverse range of voices that spoke to multiple points of view on various important topics. What I valued most was being among a virtual tribe of colleagues that self-identify as B2B marketers.

That’s what makes Ignite USA so unique – it’s built from the ground up as a community. B2B brands and practitioners are cooperatively delivering insights and experiences. It takes two to tango, making the blend of strategy and execution all the better for participants.

Let’s bring the band back together, virtual or otherwise. I’ll see you there.

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