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Join Robert Norum at Ignite London to learn how Account-based Marketing can enhance your business.

Looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level? Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a powerful strategy that can help organisations enhance client relationships, build their reputation, and ultimately drive growth in revenue and opportunities. | In-person, Ignite London
ABM Essentials

Upcoming course dates

30 June 2023 / 8:55AM

30 June 2023 - £1,399

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ABM Essentials does exactly what is said on the tin. It will give you a complete walk-through of all the fundamentals that you will need to get ABM embedded in your organisation’s approach to marketing & sales.

This one-day Account-based marketing training course will provide you with a highly practical overview of how ABM works, what it looks like in practice, and how to adopt and deliver it successfully in your business.

The ABM Essentials course is one our most established courses with over 600 delegates successfully trained by Faculty ABM expert Robert Norum over the last three years.

What you will learn?

The ABM Essentials course will give you a complete understanding of ABM and how to get it up and running in your organisation. You’ll learn:

How to pitch ABM to your organisation, develop your strategy & messaging.

How to get executive buy-in and sales engagement.

How to segment and select accounts.

The six-stage ABM process for one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-many ABM programmes.

How to use research & insight effectively whilst measuring your ABM programme effectively.

What's included?

All participants will receive the 100+ slide deck with all the content covered over the course of the two 3-hour training sessions. This includes:

The account selection template.

The six-stage process for all three types of ABM.

Guideline agendas for ABM scoping, strategy & messaging workshops.

Recommended research & insight structure.

Several case studies of successful ABM programmes.


Customer review

Who should attend?

The ABM Essentials is ideal for anyone starting on their ABM journey and looking to implement ABM in their organisation for the first time.

It is also an extremely helpful refresher for marketing and sales professionals who have started ABM but run into challenges along the way.


Getting certified for the time you dedicate to up-skilling yourself and boosting your knowledge.

All of our courses come with a certification of attendance and can be added to your LinkedIn profile and CV.

About the trainer

Robert Norum
Propolis ABM and Demand Strategy Expert.

Marketing consultant with extensive experience in helping companies articulate business strategy, develop brand and messaging, plan marketing strategy, deliver marketing programmes and drive new business – with a specific focus on account-based marketing (ABM).

30 years experience in publishing, marketing, business development and consulting. Interested in working with B2B start-ups and SMEs who need virtual marketing director, and established companies wanting a fresh, independent perspective on how to optimise their brand and marketing in EMEA.

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