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B2B Storytelling

Discover the power of B2B Storytelling: our course will teach you how to craft compelling narratives that resonate and relate to your audience to drive business results. Learn how to tap into emotions, build trust, and create a memorable brand image through modern storytelling techniques.

B2B Storytelling – WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

  • Transform your basic stories into inspiring and engaging ones
  • Develop the best story you can with the resources you have in house, or identify when you need to bring in an expert writer
  • Profile your audience to match the customer niche with the right content
  • Build a framework for your story depending on the emotional outcome you want to trigger (sense of achievement, ambition, stress, admiration…)
  • Write powerful headlines
  • Adapt your broadcast approach depending on different media channels. 

The biggest hurdle we B2B marketers often face is convincing ourselves we have a story worth telling. Yet, behind every brand, product and idea is a story. We simply need to apply the right methodology to find it, and then tell that story in a way that matters to our target audience.


Effective storytelling helps trigger the part of our brain which makes ‘gut’ reactions, the limbic brain. It is an emotional decision-making tool, which predates language. It is here that we decide what we like, love and will spend money on before our logical mind splutters into action. If you start with hard facts rather than emotion, you are already set to fail.



This course will equip delegates with a clear, logical approach to story writing, which can be replicated time and again. This is not a creative writing course; it provides a framework on which you can hang your words to make them more engaging.  

  • Find stories worth telling
  • Write relatable stories people want to share
  • Target the right audience
  • Structure your story for maximum impact
  • Create compelling headlines

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