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Why use B2B Marketing media, to go to market?

With over 250,000+ B2B Marketing members, coupled with millions of views on our website and social platforms, all around the world, we’d say we’re pretty connected with the market.

We have been helping those marketers make more informed decisions, develop professionally, connect to others and open new business opportunities. We are a trust resource and we like to think we know the market better than anybody else.

Today, almost half of all marketers are engaged in the B2B marketing sector. It has grown from an emerging sector to mainstay. The industry is worth over $5bn in the UK alone, which is now part of driving total annual sales of over $1trillion. B2B marketing is not a sub category; it is the driving force behind business growth across all key sectors:

Technology, Professional Services, Financial Services, Automotive & Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Media & Publishing, Aerospace & Defence, Engineering, Health Care, Medical, Pharma & Biotech, Energy, Chemical, Utilities & Mining, Hospitality, Entertainment & Leisure, Construction & Property, Logistics & Transportation, Public Sector & Government

We have been supporting this market with a vast range of products and services, from membership to live events to business data. We have many vehicles and advice on how best to support your objectives, to effectively target these individuals, with creditability and results. All this is delivered to add value to the market, while offing you a commercial return.

Media & Lead generation services


1. Channel Alignment:


2. Event Sponsorship:


3. Email Broadcasting:


4. Print Media:


5. Digital Advertising:


6. Webcast Channel:


7. Supplier Directory:


Event Sponsorship

Across our four large calendar events and our flagship B2B Awards, there are multiple speaking, trade stand and branding opportunities, in order to access the thousands of paying delegates attending each year. For a comprehensive live event marketing plan, we have the scope to deliver something unique and ensure you get an unrivalled exposure of both thought-leadership and prospect F2F time.

The Evidence (March) | B2B Summit (June) | B2B Leaders Forum (September), B2B Conference (November) | B2B Awards (November)

Content marketing (See B2B Labs)

1. Content creation

Publishing world class, award winning content, is something we do every day. It is our passion and it is our greatest asset. We also realise the growing need for companies to produce quality content, in order to retain and growth their brand. Combining both our skill set and your needs, we are fully geared up to consult, audit and generate original content, both branded or unbranded., as part of your content marketing programme.

2. Roundtables

As part of our ongoing membership promise, we host regular roundtables to connect marketer, on critical issues surrounding us all and the way we do business. Partner with these events and get involved with the debate and share guidance with specific audiences.

3. Marketing Research

Research is crucial, if you want to understand the market. Annually, we run multiple research projects, generating trends, benchmarking and customer insight. Working with our team, we can run bespoke research to help you understand and develop the market.

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