Are you a brave B2B marketer?

Bravery means different things to different people.

For some, it’s creating bold and provocative campaigns using methods they’ve not tried before. For others, it’s standing up to stakeholders who disagree when the status quo is
challenged, or creating culture that’s open to both new ideas and the occasional failure.

Whatever bravery means to you, it’s a vital attribute to have in 2017 marketing. Where business moves fast and can get pretty complex. Where living in your comfort zone and
doing the same old things is likely to yield the same old results.

Join fellow senior marketing executives to discuss the findings of exclusive research carried out by B2B Marketing and Octopus Group, and topics including:

  • What are the most important characteristics of being brave?
  • How does corporate culture affect a marketers’ ability to be brave?
  • How can marketers challenge business decisions?
  • Can failure be the key to success?
  • How can organisations empower and encourage their employees to take braver decisions?
  • What business opportunities and rewards can a brave approach deliver?

Join us on Wednesday 6 December to discuss what bravery means to you with fellow senior B2B marketers from global brands. The discussion runs in B2B HQ from 10am until midday. Places are strcitly limited, so book now before they're gone.