B2B Marketing Drive

A webinar event to help you deliver even greater impact, success and ROI

B2B Marketing Drive is the biggest and boldest event of its kind. Sign up now and discover:

  • How to be brave with your marketing
  • Aligning your sales and marketing departments
  • How to rake in the profits with your demand generation
  • How to maximize your content marketing strategy

This webinar event will be held on Wednesday 16 August 2017 and it will discuss what's driving the modern marketer, their goals, motivations and tribulations.

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Back to the future of demand generation

B2B marketers often carry great expectations to invest in demand generation. Whether it’s to achieve overall revenue objectives through inbound and direct marketing or lead generation activities, how do savvy marketing managers sift the wheat from the chaff?

This panel will discuss the subtle yet important distinction between demand generation and lead generation and how to effectively make them work in tandem with each other. emedia’s content creation experts will provide top tips and takeaways to help you develop a forward thinking demand generation strategy. 

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Chatbots and AI: the future of B2B CX and demand generation?

More and more B2B brands are relying on chatbots or virtual assistants to manage customer engagements on their websites.

But with this technology in its infancy:

  • What are the challenges marketers and UX specialists are facing in deploying this technology effectively?
  • More importantly, how do you use chatbots and other AI technology to ensure satisfied customer AND leads for the sales team?
  • How will their impact be felt internally
  • What are the potential implications for the marketing, sales and customer service teams?

For the answers to these questions on these emerging technologies, and to pose your own to an expert panel, join B2B Marketing's editor-in-chief Joel Harrison and discover the answers.

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