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Discover the power of storytelling, grab the attention of potential clients and inspire them to do business with you.

About this 1 day training workshop:

Farewell ‘golden thread’, hello ‘golden zip’.This course takes a data driven approach to crafting intentional stories that match audiences needs to your strategic benefits. Broadcast stories are great – but targeted stories get results. There are great courses on story structure and engaging audiences emotionally. But do they consider your target audience, where their hearts and minds currently are, and how your story uniquely meets those needs?

This course will help you:

  • See how to use data to identify your audience’s specific emotional needs
  • Surface your audience’s motivations
  • Identify the touchpoints and levers your audience will truly respond to
  • Distil the purpose of your message that can meet your audience’s needs and drive them to action

Most stories are designed ‘author-out’. This course teaches you how to write stories that unites your audience’s needs with your purpose and intent.

Case study examples

Scott is Editor in Chief for IBM Europe and currently leads the group to define customer journeys for identified prospects; create compelling content to engage audiences, and as an experienced Agile practitioner to respond swiftly to performance results and analytics insights. He will share his hands on experience with you, the results he has seen, along with the challenges with storytelling and how to overcome them using insights from case study examples. 

5 key takeaways:

You’ll come away with the ‘golden zip’ framework that includes the following techniques:

  1. Empathy mapping and association – you’ll find what your audience finds most moving, so you can use it to move them
  2. Data driven personas – how to use data to find the elusive ‘golden thread’ by surfacing what really makes your audience tick
  3. ‘The 5 Whys’ – how to identify your audience’s emotional needs
  4. How to clarify the essence of your brand/story purpose
  5. Constructive critique – how to make your content the best it can possibly be.

If you would like to attend but require an invoice or be added to the waiting list, please contact melissa.leen@b2bmarketing.net 


Upcoming dates

08 May 2019, Wed
10 Sep 2019, Tue
07 May 2020, Thu
9:30am to 5:00pm
Clover House
147-149, Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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Trainer Biography

Scott Stockwell
IBM Europe
Global content strategist

Scott is Global Content Strategy lead for IBM Europe. Scott leads the group to define customer journeys for identified prospects; create compelling content to engage audiences, and respond swiftly to performance results and analytics insights.

Scott has many years of hands-on Agile marketing experience. Scott led IBM’s Marketing Innovation Group in Europe from IBM’s Design Studio in London which introduced Agile marketing into the organisation. An active Agile Champion, Scott facilitates Agile workshops that are embedding Agile marketing across IBM.

Scott is an IDM Fellow and serves on the DMA Group B2B Council. Scott has judged DMA Awards’ ‘Best Customer Journey’ and ‘B2B’ categories over the previous three years.


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