Blogging guidelines

If you haven't done so already, please fill in a Become a blogger form to get started.

In the majority of cases, we only approve applications from thought leaders and experts currently plying their trade in B2B marketing. 

All submitted blog articles will be added to a moderation queue, where they'll be reviewed by a member of our team to ensure they meet our community guidelines.

Due to the high number of uploads we receive, we cannot individually provide bloggers with feedback as to why their article hasn't been published.

To be considered for the website, third-party content must fulfil the following criteria:

1) Be 100% B2B focused, with actionable B2B examples where possible.
2) Provide the highest-quality thought leadership insight.
3) Be original and unique to the B2B Marketing website.
4) Provide information that isn't easily available elsewhere.

1. Keep it B2B 

Because our target audience is 100% B2B, the primary focus of every blog must reflect this. Everything we publish has to resonate with our users, so all content must be applicable to people working in B2B.

B2B Marketing blogging guidelines

2. Limit self-promotion

We completely understand that you want to include your company in the blog, which is why your name, title and company will appear at the top of every published piece. However, pieces flooded with claims such as "our brand will help you achieve this" undermines the discussion-based nature of our blogging section.

Limit the use of 'we do this, we do that' (it sounds too self-serving) and instead focus on what B2B brands should be doing to achieve success. Please note, we will not accept any submissions that are disguised as thinly-veiled sales pitches.

B2B Marketing blogging guidelines

3. Limit the use of external links

Unless an external link is absolutely vital for a reader to understand your article or directs to a high-authority website, please don’t include it in your blog.

B2B Marketing blogging guidelines

4. Keep it original and interesting

Articles pertaining to what printer or vehicle a marketer should use may be loosely B2B-related, but it isn’t going to be of much interest to our readers. We want all our content to teach the reader something new and/or useful and offer insight that isn't easily available elsewhere. Therefore, please keep your blog ideas fresh and engaging, rather than copy and pasted product placements or lists of generic advice.

All content submitted must be original and unique to the B2B Marketing website.

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5. Write in English

As the majority of our audience is either English-speaking or native English-speaking, please write your blogs in clear, understandable English. In order to maintain the high-quality of our blogging platform, all posts must be of standard of written English that meet our own editorial criteria.

B2B Marketing Blogging guidelines

6. Media

Our website is responsive across all platforms, which means we have to limit bloggers to one image per article as a default, inserted just below the headline. If you feel the use of images/infographics/gifs/videos are absolutely vital for a reader to understand your article, and need a few more adding in, email for help.

Please make sure any images used are either original or eligible for commercial use under a Creative Commons license. Please include a source link to any third-party images uploaded to the site. You can do this in the caption field. Images of unclear origin or that violate copyright law will be removed prior to publication.

Please note, the majority of headline images will be replaced by one that matches our branding style.

Many thanks and happy blogging!

The B2B Marketing team