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Budget protection strategies – how to safeguard marketing spend amidst corporate cost-cutting

Thursday, August 6, 2020 -
9:30am to 11:00am
Zoom virtual session

Marketing budgets are under pressure right now, with CFOs and CEOs pulling back on previous commitments as part of overall cuts in expenditure. So what strategies can B2B marketing leaders adopt to safeguard and protect budgets as much as possible? 

How can and should they communicate with their peers in the finance team to convince them of maintained marketing investment at this time? We’ll be discussing these issues and other related ones in this virtual roundtable, which will also include an expert in board level communications. Some other questions that we’ll address:


  • How do you get your fellow C-level execs to back your call for marketing investment?
  • What data or anecdotes are most effective at convincing cynical CFOs?
  • How do you avoid promising too much, in exchange for ongoing support?
  • What savings can you make within your existing budget to make spend go further?


Co-hosted by Joel Harrison & Maria Cameron

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