Championing the customer experience at Canon

Hi Darian,

Over the last year we've seen brands think more about the CX at every stage in their journey. 

I'm sure it''s the same at Canon- in maturing marketplaces like yours, where the experience is often a key differentiating factor.

Here are a few pieces just for you on CX. Hopefully you and the team find them useful.

Finally, I thought you may find it interesting to read the notes from our B2B Leaders roundtables last year, called "is the customer always right?" 

These notes are usually available exclusively to our B2B Leaders members. However, if you'd like a sneak preview, please e-mail me at

How to build a team that is more customer centric will also be a key topic at our next roundtable, "the marketing department of the future". Click here if you'd like a guest spot to attend