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Ecommerce in B2B: Is it time to cash in?

Thursday, November 12, 2020 -
9:30am to 11:00am
Zoom virtual meeting

Long sales cycles and complex DMUs – these have been two factors that have defined B2B as distinct from consumer marketing. But a combination of changing buyer behaviour, accelerating technology and the Covid-enforced ban on meetings combined with license to accelerate innovation looks set to enable online buying as never before. 

At B2B Ignite 2020 we heard that JCBs can (largely) be purchased online. So what impact will this have on marketers, and what do we need to prepare for this new world of ecommerce? We’ll discuss this and other related issues in this virtual roundtable. Topic areas will include:

  • How can marketers encourage or enable buyers to make more of the purchasing decision before they ‘raise their hand’ and directly engage with the brand?
  • What skills and expertise do B2B marketing teams need to take advantage of emerging ecommerce opportunities?
  • What can B2B learn from complex sale B2C firms to enable or accelerate ecommerce adoption?
  • What does the ecommerce explosion mean for marketing as a function in B2B organisation, and its relationship with other key functions, including sales and customer success?