How do you solve the problems of a sleepless CMO?

9th, June, 2016 | Webinar

This year’s Tech Heads study conducted by Octopus Group explores why B2B buying cycles are getting longer, and the impact it's having on marketers

What to expect

Why are businesses taking longer to make purchasing decisions?

In our digital world of speed and convenience it doesn’t make sense that anything should take longer.

In 2015 Octopus Group’s annual ‘Tech Heads’ study looked at why B2B buying cycles were getting longer, and this year’s study explores the impact that trend is having on marketers.

They found that today’s CMOs are six times more likely to lose sleep than gain it compared to previous years, and are having to be more creative than ever to outwit their competitors. With the majority of them under increased pressure to hit targets, 90 per cent of CMOs say they’re having to be more creative than ever to compete. 

This trend has given rise to the ‘Sleepless CMO’. In this webinar, Octopus Group’s Billy Hamilton-Stent explores:

  • What’s keeping marketers awake at night.
  • What’s delaying prospects’ buying decisions. 
  • Ways to tell your brand’s story in a new way to awaken your buyers.

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  • DATE9th, June, 2016
  • TIME15:00 - 15:45
  • DURATION45 minutes
  • COSTFree
  • STATUSPassed

Presenter Biography

Billy Hamilton-Stent
Billy Hamilton-Stent Octopus Group
Client strategy director

Billy Hamilton-Stent is a founder of Octopus Group with 20 years’ experience in the fields of research, marketing and communications.  As client strategy director for the business he is responsible for strategic input to client planning, developing customer/audience insights and generating creative marketing campaigns that drive sales.

Billy has worked with numerous IT brands since the early days of Octopus, from VC-backed start-ups to the uber-brands of the IT establishment. He has worked with seven of the 10 largest tech firms.


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