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The secrets of excellent B2B CX

3rd, May, 2017 | Webinar

CX is widely recognised as the key battleground for B2B companies in the increasingly digitally-enabled buyer environment. But what does great CX look like for B2B brands? And, more to the point, what role can B2B marketers play in getting it right? 

What to expect

Leveraging primary research conducted with B2B buyers, this webinar will examine the cornerstones of how to get CX right in a B2B environment, and provide practical tips and actionable strategies for marketers looking to raise their CX game. 

It will be presented by B2B Marketing’s Editor-in-chief Joel Harrison, who will be joined by David Hicks of specialist CX consultancy, and marketing trainer and consultant Shane Redding. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Marketing’s role in delivering excellent CX
  • The role of influencers in CX
  • How to measure and report CX, and to whom.
  • How to create a company-wide approach to CX


  • DATE3rd, May, 2017
  • TIME15:30 - 16:30
  • DURATION60 minutes
  • COSTFree
  • STATUSPassed


Joel Harrison
Joel Harrison B2B Marketing

Joel Harrison is Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of B2B Marketing, the leading provider of best practice and professional development information for business-to-business marketers. 

Joel launched B2B Marketing as a magazine back in 2014, and has played a key role in its evolution ever since, with the addition of new products and services, and its evolution away from a pure media operation, towards a more holistic integrated content and events offering, focused on helping marketers be more successful. 

He currently overseas all B2B Marketing's content and product activities and is also a regular speaker and passionate evangelist for all things B2B. Joel has spoken at inhouse marketing team meetings for the likes of O2, EY, Fujitsu, PWC, Experian, HPE, Thomson Reuters, Barnett Waddingham, Accenture, Oliver Wyman and Syngenta. 

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David Hicks
David Hicks TribeCX

A practical strategist combining blue chip solid strategic marketing and customer experience management in main board roles with Harvard and MBA level education.

A “Customer Experience” practitioner with a proven record of transforming large-scale customer management operations.

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Shane Redding
Shane Redding Think Direct

Consultant, speaker and trainer on direct, digital and data driven marketing. Helping companies transform their B2B marketing and sales teams through a strategic approach to using backbone marketing automation & CRM tools.

Speaking topics include agile marketing, marketing automation, social selling and ABM or key account marketing.

Expertise in mergers and acquisition for media and marketing services SME growth strategies for build and exit based on 4 successful trade sales.

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