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Webinar: Using virtual reality to engage big-ticket B2B buyers

5th, May, 2016 | Webinar

What to expect

Virtual reality is one of the most talked about marketing trends of the moment. Sceptics argue that the technology is over-hyped. But is it time for B2B brands to start thinking seriously about VR content?

In this webinar, Simon and David cut to the chase. They highlight real examples of businesses using VR to deliver tangible benefits. And they explore the powerful contribution the technology can make to B2B marketing strategies. A specific area of focus will be sales and marketing surrounding high-value investments with long-tail consideration.

Viewers will gain:

  • Insight into potential B2B applications of VR.
  • An understanding of how VR investment can add value and enhance top-of-funnel elimination. 
  • Ideas for enhancing customer service with VR technology.
  • A realistic view of the investment and dedication required to get VR off the ground.


  • DATE5th, May, 2016
  • TIME15:00 - 15:45
  • DURATION45 minutes
  • COSTFree
  • STATUSPassed


Simon Lodge
Simon Lodge Harte Hanks
Senior creative strategist

Living in the centre of the creative problem solving process, Simon helps brands untangle complex digital, marketing and business challenges. He achieves this via the development of intelligent strategies that shape sophisticated creative ideas. 

Simon has worked with B2B clients across a number of verticals including telecoms, media & tech. An advocate of innovative and results-driven marketing, he is currently exploring the VR marketing agenda with leading brands.

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David Chandler
David Chandler Harte Hanks
Director, strategic accounts

David is responsible for ensuring Harte Hanks’ client activity is effective and results-driven. He has headed-up activity for key B2B accounts including Microsoft, IBM, HP and Juniper. 

Leading Harte Hanks’ global activity for Samsung, David has been involved with ground-breaking VR and 360° video projects. He’s an enthusiastic digital marketer, with a passion for the continued innovation and evolution of creativity. He believes that in today’s rapidly changing world, brands need to adapt quickly to stay ahead.

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