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The B2B Marketing Awards


Q. Who can enter these awards?

A. Anyone – as long as the activity, company or individual involved in the submission relates to or is involved in B2B marketing. We also accept submissions from international companies. 

Q. Why should I enter these awards?

A. Whether you’re an agency or a client-side marketer, winning a B2B Marketing Award doesn’t just give you something to boast about – it will be a key weapon in your armoury and, most importantly, justify marketing’s role in your organisation.

Q. What is the period of eligibility for the Awards?

A. For 2019 entries, at least part of the campaign you’re entering must have taken place between 1 April 2018  and 30 April 2019. 

Q. What is the word count?

A. 200 for the summary, 1000 for the remainder of the submission. 

Q. Can I add attachments?

A. Yes, you can add 10 attachments (10MB each). 

Q. I've designed a creative version of my submission; can I add this as an attachment? 

A. Yes, however you will need to ensure you complete the online fields of the submission form. 

Q. When do I send in my hard copies? 

A. You will only send in a hard copy of your submission if you are shortlisted. The shortlist will be announced on 8 August. You will need to have sent in a hard copy by 2 September:

  • Submission
  • Attachments
  • A2 presentation boards (on Foamex)

Q. Will I have to present in front of the judges during the face-to-face judging round? 

A. No. Only unless you have entered Category 27: B2B PR agency of the year of Category 28: B2B marketing communications agency of the year.

Q. What are the deadlines for submitting my digital version?

A. The digital version of your submission (including attachments, and digital version of A2 board) needs to be submitted online by COP 29 May or a late entry fee will apply. Deadlines are:

  • Submissions run from 1 May - 29 May
  • Late entries from 30 May - 12 June

Q. How can I be sure about the integrity of these awards? 

A. The judging process for the awards is entirely independent of the organisers and is chaired by an independent chairman with judges from leading B2B organisations, the majority of whom are client-side marketers. 

Q. How do I enter these awards? 

A. Navigate to our awards website and click ‘start my submission’. Please refer to the guidelines sections 1 and 4, which details everything about putting together your entries. Entries open on 1 May 2019 and you can compile your entry or entries through our dedicated online awards platform. You must complete your entry or entries by 29 May. The absolute latest you can enter, is COP 12 June 2019, however a late fee will apply. 

Q.  How hard is it to prepare an entry? 

A. Entering our awards is a simple and straight-forward process. You can create a free account on the awards platform, where you can view the sections required for each submission you are interested in. You can save any submissions in progress and return to it anytime. 

Q. Can I edit my entry? 

A. Yes, you can edit your entry up until your chosen deadline. Please note, if you have submitted before the early deadline, you can edit your submission until the late deadline, but this will incur the late submission fee. 

Q. What should my entries include? 

A. All entries must follow the necessary category-specific entry criteria online, and you should include any supporting documents, such as presentation boards, alongside this while submitting your entry. Please ensure all your entries are clearly attributed to the correct category, complete with contact details and all the information you wish to be displayed. 

Q. What are your policies on confidentiality? 

A. We’ll sing your success from the rooftops by publishing award-winning case studies in full, both online and in print. Not only is this a great way to shout about your efforts, it means you can learn what’s putting your peers at the cutting edge of B2B marketing. That said, we know that in order to win an award you may have to share information you would not want to disclose publicly. Don’t want the world to know your budget or ROI? Don’t forget to mark this information as confidential. Please take the following steps to ensure your submission is marked correctly as confidential:

  1. Details tab: Add ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ to the start of your submission title
  2. Criteria tab: Add ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ to the start of the relevant section so it is easily identified.
  3. Email a public facing copy: Email a public facing copy of your submission that omits the confidential parts. Please email this to

Please note:

  • Anything that is not marked in this way will be published.
  • We cannot omit the full case study from publication and will still need to demonstrate the results. If this cannot be expressed in terms of revenue figures, please include percentage increases and strong, relevant engagement results.

Q. How much does it cost to enter? 

A. The cost to enter is as follows: 

  • £250+VAT per submission (B2B Marketing Premium member is £215+VAT).
  •  £315 +VAT per late entry for all submissions arriving  30 May–12 June. 

Q. Can I enter the same project into more than one category? 

A. Yes, but an entry fee for each submission will apply and must be paid for each category entered.

Q. When is the payment deadline for entries? 

A. Payment can be made either by invoice or credit card online when submitting your entry. Failure to make the payment will result in your entry being disqualified. 

Q. When will the shortlist by announced? 

A. The shortlist will be announced 8 August 2019. 

Q. When and where are the B2B Marketing Awards taking place this year? 

A. The B2B Marketing Awards 2019 will take place on 28 November at Exhibition in London, near Shepherds Bush. Check out the gallery from last year’s awards to get a better idea of what the evening involves. 

In the meantime, if you have any enquiries please call 020 7014 4920 or email