The B2B Marketing 2020 Martech Awards

Secrets on how how to be a winner

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Do you have what it takes to be a martech superstar?

You’ll need technical knowledge, marketing expertise and relationship skills, of course, but to become a superstar you’ll need something extra.

You need to be able to anticipate future trends, not just react to them.

You need to be able to see what’s vendor hype, and what’ll really deliver value to your organisation or clients.

You need to lead people through change, rather than just hoping they’ll deal with it.

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secrets of Martech Superstars

This guide profiles those superstar individuals, teams and agencies who’ve done just that, and picked up gongs at the B2B Marketing Martech Awards to prove it.

In these case studies, we’ve collated wisdom and practical support for martech adoption, integration and skills.

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  • Nuix delivered more than $10 million in new business revenue and 5700 MQLs with an integrated tech stack.
  • JTF Marketing helped Sommet Education cut the cost of a lead by 50% in paid media.
  • Marco Maccio turned the building materials supplier Marshalls into the ‘Amazon of hard-landscaping’.
  • Marc Keating’s expertise with Eloqua led him to a round of golf on Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s private course.
  • ‘Project Utopia’ drove martech consultancy CleverTouch to be named in the UK’s top 100 places to work.

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Superstars of martech guide