The B2B Marketing Awards 2019

Why enter?

Because if you're an agency you could win business just from submitting!

"I always submit hoping to win but I also go in with the expectation that my work is going to be seen by the most important senior client-side leaders, the exact market I am trying to get in front of. I have actually got work off the back of just being a part of the B2B Awards and not even winning!" 

We have 150 international judges from the biggest names in business who will be looking at your work in detail. Show off your work to them, you don't even need to win, to win!

Take a look at just some of the super brand judges who could have seen your best campaigns last year.

But I'm not an agency!

That doesn't matter. These are the most wanted accolades in B2B marketing. Client-side victors have enjoyed serious internal recognition and boosted their careers as a direct result of winning an award. Your team will feel major love and motivation and your CEO will be putty in your hands, how could they not listen to their award-winning marketing team!?

Check out the video and see for yourself why this is something not to be missed

The year after we won six B2B Marketing Awards, we doubled in size. That’s not a coincidence – it’s intrinsically connected to our Awards success. In 75% of business enquires when we asked: ‘How did you hear of us?’, the B2B Marketing Awards always got mentioned.

Earnest , MD

If you're one of the mavericks who aren't afraid to take their own path, we want you at the B2B Marketing Awards 2019. 

We've put together our top content on why you should enter how you can win and what happens after...

Take a look at the how you could win

How to deliver an award-winning campaign

In this guide we demystify the Awards process, revealing how the judging works, what goes on in the debating chamber and how you can impress the judges. We also reveal the three most revered award submissions as entered by the marketers, showing both examples of a good submission and award-winning campaigns.

Stand by to see what it takes to secure victory as the best in B2B marketing.

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The B2B Marketing Awards 2018 case studies

Get behind the scenes information on how the Gold winners from last years B2B Marketing Awards are redefining our industry and driving the future of B2B.

Read the full article here and see how it's done

The B2B Marketing Awards is the pinnacle of the B2B industry.

The best turn up, those that want to participate in the industry, that care about their careers, that care about their brands.

Jason Talbot, MD, The Crocodile

Entering the B2B Marketing Awards is your greatest opportunity of the year to generate:

  • High-profile, prestigious exposure
  • An invaluable boost to your brand credentials
  • An outstanding success story to share with your audience
  • Recognition and motivation for your staff
  • A wider network of key industry innovators, leaders and influencers

Accelerate your brand reach and credentials

However far you make it through the Awards journey, your business, brand and personal profile will enjoy huge exposure, reach and prestige.

Previous agency winners have seen dramatic leaps in new business following their wins. 

This year’s B2B Marketing Awards will celebrate the industry juggernauts, the ones who do where others dream.

Does that sound like you? Then you're our most wanted, so make sure you enter your winning campaign in the B2B Marketing Awards 2019.