The B2B Marketing People Awards


The categories for the B2B Marketing People Awards are listed below. A more detailed overview of each category will be sent out when you register your interest in entering this year's awards.

Category 1: Marketer of the year

This category recognises excellent delivery or management of marketing activity or programmes by inhouse marketers, and how one individual has gone over and above expectations in ensuring their campaign(s) was/were effective for their brand and resonant for their audience. Submissions should demonstrate the individual’s excellent at all stages of campaign planning, delivery and management, and how they tackled both firefighting and embracing unexpected opportunities. 

Category 2: Marketing team of the year

This category is only open to client-side marketing teams. The focus of this category is to recognise the group of B2B marketers that has pulled together to meet its objectives and challenges for the year, and which truly demonstrates that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Marketing teams of any size or configuration are eligible, from a minimum of three individuals working within a marketing function, all the way up to the blue-chip corporates with large inhouse teams. Virtual teams, including freelancers and agency staffers may be included, although the submission will have to demonstrate how individuals genuinely acted as a cohesive unit. Submissions must include details of the following: list individual team members (including roles, key skills and responsibilities), key objectives faced for the year and how these were achieved; other challenges faced along the way; examples of co-operation and team work; testimonials from team leaders or marketing directors.

Category 3: Newcomer of the year/Rising Star

This category is designed to recognise emerging talent in B2B marketing, whether working inhouse for brands as part of internal marketing teams, or for marketing agencies. Entrants must be under 27 years of age, and be able to demonstrate ways in which they have personally made a significant or outstanding contribution to their organisation’s marketing (or that of its clients, if an agency) in the last 12 months. These contributions must have exceeded expectations or gone beyond the scope of the brief, through additional effort or creative thinking. Results and/or testimonies from team leaders or line managers (and clients, if appropriate) will be required to support this case. 

Category 4: Outstanding contribution to B2B marketing 

This category recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to B2B marketing as an industry or profession over a prolonged period of time , with wide-ranging implications on other individuals or organisations. This contribution could have been made in a single specific role within a single organisation, or over multiple roles within multiple organisations, and could apply to inhouse marketers, agency practitioners, consultants or those working at other related support organisations (e.g. industry bodies). Entrants to this category will come in the form of nominations from colleagues past or present, with multiple testimonies required to support specific cases.

Category 5: Creative team or individual of the year

This category recognises a creative individual or creative team who have excelled more than any other during the course of the last 12 months. Applicants must demonstrate how they delivered genuine and consistent creative excellence for multiple campaigns or programmes, either for a single brand, or for multiple different brands. It is open to both inhouse marketers and agency teams or individuals, at any level. Testimonials from colleagues and/or clients (where appropriate) will be required to support submissions. 

Category 6: Team loyalty or motivation initiative

This category recognises initiatives designed to motivate multiple individuals within the marketing teams of clients or agencies, and at any level, designed to build stronger, more resilient and better teams. Activities could include anything from a day out, to organising an event, or supporting a charity etc. Submissions must describe the specific management challenge that the programme was designed to address, as well as demonstrate how it was developed, how it was communicated, what kind of participation was achieved, and the ultimate impact on the business. Testimonials from participants in the scheme plus the management team are essential as part of this submission.

Category 7: Client relationship manager of the year

This category recognises excellence amongst those individuals in client management roles at agencies, at any level. Submissions must explain how the nominated individual went above and beyond what was expected of them in terms of servicing their clients’ needs (at least three clients must be mentioned) and consequently had a direct, personal and demonstrable impact on the success of the campaign or initiative. Documentation must also demonstrate how the individual has worked to enable greater harmony, cohesion and effectiveness amongst the internal client team. Testimonials from both clients and colleagues are essential as part of the submission.