The B2B Marketing People Awards


Q. Who can enter these awards?

A. Anyone - as long as the activity, company or individual involved in the submission relates to or is involved in B2B marketing.

Q. Why should I enter these awards?

A. Whether you're an agency or a client-side marketer, winning a B2B People Award doesn't just give you something to boast about - it will be a key weapon in your armoury and, most importantly, justify your role in your organisation. See our testimonials page to see how winning a B2B Award can positively impact your business and career.

Q. Do I need to submit a hard-copy entry as well as a digital entry?

A. Yes. The digital version should be compiled and submitted via the dedicated Awards entry platform, but we will also need to receive a hard-copy of your full submission. We will only ask you for following supporting material if you are shortlisted for an award. More information about the supporting material can be found in the submission guidelines (available once registered). Both the digital and the hard-copy submissions need to be received by 21 April or you will be subject to a late fee.

Q. How can I be sure about the integrity of these awards?

A. The judging process for the awards is entirely independent of the organisers and is chaired by an independent chairman with judges from leading B2B organisations, the majority of whom are client-side marketers.

Q. How do I enter the Awards?

A. To enter, you need to register, whereupon you'll be sent a copy of our Guidelines for submissions document, which details everything you need to know about putting together your entries. Entries open on 27 February and you can compile and complete your submissions through our new dedicated online award platform. You need to ensure you complete your entry or entries by 21 April. The absolute latest you can enter, with the late fee, is 2 May.

Q. How hard is it to prepare an entry?

A. Entering our Awards is a simple and straight-forward process. Register for free and check out the complete Guidelines for submissions pack for comprehensive instructions and example templates.

Q. Can I edit my entry?

A. Yes, you can edit your entry up until the deadline you wish. Please note that you will be charged a late entry fee if you have submitted before the early deadline, but edit your submission after this date. If you have submitted after the early deadline, then you can edit up until the late deadline without incurring an additional fee.

Q. What should my entries include?

A. All entries must follow the necessary category-specific entry template online, and you should include any supporting documents, such as presentation boards, alongside this while submitting your entry. Please ensure all your entries are clearly attributed to the correct category, complete with contact details and all the information you wish to be displayed.

Q. What are your policies on confidentiality?

A. B2B Marketing will publish a selection of winning and shortlisted entries as case studies in order to showcase the best of industry campaigns. Any information that is commercially sensitive should be clearly marked 'judges eyes only', and, therefore, will only be used during the judging process and will not be published anywhere. Please keep in mind that the first round of judging will be conducted solely on the basis of the entry template, therefore it is vital that you complete this in full. In particular, details of ROI and budget should be provided. The more information you supply, the better the judges will be able to assess your entry.

Q.  How much does it cost to enter?

A. £175 +VAT per entry for non-members

£195 +VAT per late entry for all submissions arriving between 22 April - 2 May.

Q. Can I enter the same project into more than one category?

A. Yes, but an entry fee of £175 + UK VAT (£195 +VAT for all late entries) must be paid for each category entered.

Q. When is payment deadline for entries?

A. Payment should be made at the submission time of your entry/ies. All payments by cheque must be received on the relevant deadlines. Failure in payment will result in disqualification of your entry.

Q. When will the shortlist be announced?

A. The shortlist will be announced late 12 May 2017.

Q. When and where are the B2B People Awards taking place?

A. The B2B People Awards takes place on Thursday 22 June at the Business Design Centre in London.

Q. Can I bring colleagues to the B2B Peoples Awards?

A. Yes, all shortlisted submissions will receive two complimentary passes to the B2B Awards ceremony (5-7pm). Any additional tickets required will be priced at £25+VAT each.


In the meantime, if you have any enquiries please call 020 7014 4920 or email