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Joel Harrison
B2B Marketing

Joel is editor-in-chief and co-founder of B2B Marketing, the leading provider of best practice and professional development information for B2B marketers. 

Joel launched B2B Marketing as a magazine back in 2004, and has played a key role in its evolution ever since, with the addition of new products and services, and its progression from a pure media operation, towards a more holistic offering. 

He currently leads on the development of its events and training operations, but is also a regular speaker and passionate evangelist for all things B2B. 

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Jos Brenkel
HP Inc
Senior Vice President – Head of Global Sales Strategy and Operations
Ronald Velten
IBM Europe
Marketing & Communication Director
Frederic Leenhardt
Expandi Group
Executive vice president

Frederic joined Expandi in September 2003. He has playing a pivotal role in the development of the Group’s business outside Western Europe. As part of his remit, Frederic has also taken a lead in securing business with new global clients.

Before 2003, Frederic spent a total of 16 years at HP, where he built up an expertise in the technology market, specifically in online and offline distribution and marketing. He spent the first six years of his spell with HP at HP France, where he held various sales positions in the solution selling and PC categories before moving on to HP Europe, where he was appointed to the position of Sales and Marketing General Manager, responsible for the entire PC product range.

Olivia Celli
Expandi Group
Executive VP - Operation & Services

Olivia joined Expandi in 2000. During her initial years with the Group, she managed a number of international projects in the areas of digital marketing and channel marketing for a range of major technology brands.

In recognition of her exceptional skills in managing projects, accounts and operations, Olivia was appointed a board member in 2006 with the task of leading the Group’s services and operations.

Since then, Olivia has developed a strong services engine, which is now a key company asset.

Before joining the Group, Olivia was a Senior Business Analyst for Ernst & Young

Raffaele Apostoliti
Expandi Group
President & CEO

Raffaele co-founded Expandi in April 2000. Over the last 16 years, he has been responsible for developing Expandi’s vision, marketing and sales strategy. Thanks to his pioneering vision, Expandi has become a truly international agency and an acknowledged leader in BtoB Marketing.

Before founding the Group, Raffaele spent five years in HP’s European marketing and sales division. During this time, he developed a strong understanding of IT channels and their unique needs through a number of management roles. Whilst at HP, Raffaele worked as a Channel Programme Manager, Outbound Supply Chain Manager and eBusiness Manager. In his last position, he launched HP Europe’s first E-commerce platform and negotiated commercial partnerships with a number of leading Internet portals.