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United Kingdom

The pace of change within the tech sector is extreme.

It’s a driving force that creates opportunities and challenges for each and every tech-sector marketer and leader, every single day.

But one day of the year is different

This is the day that tech's brightest people ditch the office and converge at B2B Marketing InTech.

The single most influential and inspiring tech event of its kind in the UK

This one-day tech event includes sessions by leaders, innovators, change-makers and growth hackers from some of the most innovative and admired tech brands on the planet.

The latest marketing strategies for delivering hypergrowth

Marketers, leaders and founders from across the industry make InTech their must-attend event for accelerated learning and insight into growth-driving strategies.

This is the place to learn your next killer game plans for:

  • Creating high-growth, high-performance marketing strategies and teams
  • Engineering agility and Agile into your marketing success
  • Building stand-out brand differentiation and sector domination
  • Going global with your products, reach and demand
  • Winning unstoppable influencer marketing reach 
  • Creating new growth-driving revenue and product use models
  • Ramping up your partner and channel marketing success
  • Outstripping your competitors’ demand gen, conversion and retention rates
  • And so much more.

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Event information

Date: Spring 2018: TBC

Time: 08:30 - 17:30

Location: TBC



A great event that focuses on the rapid pace of change in B2B - the challenges increase as communication paths become more diverse.

Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director

An inspiring day - I learnt a lot. 

Peter van der Sluijs, MD
Neesham PR


Joel Harrison
B2B Marketing
Louis Fernandes
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Joe Edwards
Fiona Campbell-Howes
Radix Communications
David McGuire
Radix Communications
Paul Taylor
Andrew Fitzgerald
Nicola Anderson
Luke Brynley-Jones
OST Marketing
Scott Allen
Maureen Blandford
Marc Keating
Stein IAS
Andrew Davies
Kathryn Norris
Matthew Stevens
Laurel Wolfe
Catherine Howard
David Fox
Fox Parrack Singapour
Robert Norum
Levente Nagy