The International B2B Marketing Awards

The 2018 Shortlist

With over 160 judges, the votes are in!

Who has made the shortlist for The International B2B Marketing Awards 2018?...

                    Made the cut? Next steps..

                           We need the following items delivered to our office address by Friday 24 August:

  • Five hard copies of your submission. Some entrants like to create a designed version of the submission in a booklet with images to really bring the submission to life and make it as clear as possible to the judges.
  • One A2 presentation board (per submission you've entered). This is a visual snapshot of your submission which should be printed on an A2 foamex or polyboard.

                                    Please ensure you have your hard copies sent to us by Friday 24th August

                                                                              Delivery Address
                                                      FAO: The International B2B Marketing Awards
                                                                                B2B Marketing
                                                         147-149 Farringdon Road, London
                                                                                   EC1R 3HN

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