5 tech trends that’ll shake up B2B marketing

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Discover the five major developments that are going to dramatically disrupt your marketing, your job – and even your life.

B2B marketers have always been keen early adopters of new technology, but the pace of change is so rapid it can be difficult to comprehend exactly what each of these exciting – and occasionally alarming – developments really mean in practice.

This report explains what these hot trends are and what they mean for you.

Download this free, 16-page report to learn how marketing will be affected by:

  • Artificial intelligence – how it’ll actually help marketing to become more human.
  • Adtech and martech integration – why ‘madtech’ will improve customer experience.
  • The Internet of Things – how connected devices will reshape the relationship between brand and customer.
  • The sharing economy – why the marketing funnel will need a complete rethink.
  • Blockchain – what the hell is it and how does it work?
5 tech trends that'll shake up B2B marketing

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14 March 2018

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