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B2B Marketing Salary Survey 2017-18

United Kingdom

Find out if you're being paid what you're worth

Download this free report to discover how your salary compares with similar roles across the B2B marketing industry.

For the first time ever the annual B2B Marketing Salary Survey, sponsored by The Jefferson Groupprovides average salary benchmarks by seniority, specialism and location to provide a comprehensive picture of where your wages stand in the market.

The report will allow you to compare your pay with peers, against criteria including:

  • Client-side or agency roles
  • Locations across the UK
  • Levels of seniority
  • Different specialisms
  • The most popular B2B industries.

The remuneration research also features details on job satisfaction, how keen B2B marketers are to look for a new marketing job and the most important considerations when looking for a new marketing position.

2017 trends and analysis

Download your free copy of this 20-page report to find the answers to these questions:

  • How much does a professional marketing qualification add to the average salary?
  • How many additional hours a week does the average B2B marketer work?
  • When are most B2B marketers thinking about changing roles?
  • How satisfied are B2B marketers with their jobs?
  • At what age do you reach the peak of your earning potential?

"The survey can be relied upon to provide a solid foundation on which to base future ‘people’ decisions – there are few topics more likely to rouse interest than salary."

Tom Howe, managing partner, The Jefferson Group