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B2B Marketing US Salary Survey 2019

Discover what the average US B2B marketing salary is, and whether you're being paid what you're worth

For the first time ever B2B Marketing can reveal how US salaries compare across a range of roles, locations, sectors, specialisms and gender.

Almost half of US B2B marketers think they're underpaid.

In this first-ever B2B Marketing US Salary Survey, we take a comprehensive look at how B2B marketers are remunerated replete with benchmarks for age, location, sector and responsibilities.

Download this free 13-page report to learn the answers to:

  • The primary cause of job dissatisfaction among US B2B marketers.
  • The huge difference in pay between men and women.
  • The sector that offers the best salary.
  • The state that's home to the top reward.
  • How much more those at the top of the profession earn than everyone else.
B2B Marketing US Salary Survey 2019

"While most US B2B marketers are happy in their jobs, 49% feel they are worth more than they are currently paid"