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Get Stacked 2020: How is marketing’s technology stacking up? And why it’s process that counts

This martech report will discuss what should be part of an ideal martech strategy and deliver guidance on the organisation and process of effective strategic management.

While this report will reveal some industry secrets, plenty of statistics and peer-to-peer advice, its main aim is to ignite a conversation by providing actionable advice. The advice given can help open the debate in your company about the challenges and ambitions behind building a modern martech stack.

Report insights

  • How strategic is the average martech stack?
  • The budget for martech, now and for the year ahead.
  • The state of martech in practice.
  • An industry audit of how martech is standing up.
  • Advice on how to develop your martech strategy and what it should entail.
  • Practices that can overcome the skills shortage.

The B2B Marketing martech survey

This report shares findings from our Q1- 2020 survey of over 300 B2B marketers from companies of all sizes, small and large, and across all industries.

 The survey reveals B2B marketer’s martech investment and development plans – including their budget, a view of their tech stack’s efficacy and their major challenges.

martech report

“Many firms are implementing their second or even third instance of marketing automation and marketing cloud. It’s a significant part of our business. What’s interesting is that these second and third generation implementations typically have less emphasis on the technology and more on the wider organisational adoption”

Adam Sharp, co-founder and CEO, CleverTouch