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How to build, nurture and retain the ultimate marketing team

United Kingdom

Download your comprehensive guide to building the perfect marketing team and keeping them on top of their game

For marketing leaders, the strength of the team you lead is the critical factor in the success of your efforts. So it's imperative to have the best team possible, all working to their full potential.

This free guide will show you exactly how to acheive that.

Packed with templates, diagrams, step-by-step processes and specialist marketer-focused advice, the guide will show you:

  • How to analyse key skills gaps in your team 
  • Different ways to plug these gaps and their respective merits
  • How to assess your team culture, and be an agent of change in your business where required
  • How to ensure you recruit the right people to suit your needs, and give them the perfect start in your team
  • How to ensure your team are growing, developing and still happy in their role to ensure team stability.

Practical tools, techniques and tips

Download your copy now for practical, hands-on advice that will enable you to visualise, design and execute a structured development plan for your department.

Take a look at just some of the practical tools, tips and techniques this 28-page marketer's manual includes:

  • Why you need to align your skill requirements to your business goals.
  • How to clearly map out the capabilities and requirements of your key skills.
  • How to analyse these maps to uncover skills gaps.
  • Pros and Cons for each way to overcome these shortfalls.
  • How to design the perfect job advert for B2B marketers
  • Best practice for team culture, and how to consider it in the recruitement process
  • Top tips for running a marketing away day
  • Professional development advice at an individual and team level
  • Key things to consider for coaching and mentoring programs
  • key tips for retaining key members of staff