Introducing post-modern marketing – a new era for B2B marketing

Download your free guide to post-modern marketing, which explains what it is, why it matters, and what you need to do about it

The term ‘modern marketing’ did much to define how B2B marketers operated in the past decade, utilising the newly emerged of tech platforms to deliver more measurable marketing. But the game has changed again, driven by evolving buyer behaviour and yet more waves of game-changing technology and techniques – including AI, VR, programmatic and agile.

As a result, we believe B2B has gone beyond modern marketing, and we’re entering a new era – post-modern marketing. And to succeed in this era, B2B marketers will need to adapt once more.

This free guide will explain:

  • What post-modern marketing is, and how it's different from what went before.
  • The thoughts of 10 leading senior marketers on the challenges they are facing in their businesses.
  • The changing role of technology and agencies in the post-modern marketing.
  • The skills and attributes that are essential to succeed in the new era.
  • The practical steps that marketers need to take to ensure they are aligned with the challenges and opportunities it presents. 
Introducing post-modern marketing