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Making the most of your event sponsorship

Download this free, practical guide on maximising your marketing investment in event sponsorship

Sponsorship of events continues to be a great way for marketers to raise brand awareness, generate leads and attract new customers.

But so many B2B brands fail to capitalise on – or worse still, squander – the opportunities associated with sponsoring an event, and end up with a disappointing return on investment.

This practical guide will explain how to:

  • Establish which events are right for your business
  • Negotiate the most effective sponsorship package
  • Maximise your impact on the day
  • Come up with compelling exhibition stands, presentations and roundtables
  • Formulate an action plan once the dust has settled
  • Measure your ROI.

Top tips and inspiration

Download your copy now for practical, tangible advice that will both wow delegates at events, boost engagement – and deliver maximum return on your investment.

Just take a look at the tools and techniques you can expect to learn about in this 15-page handbook, which include:

  • How to secure the best deal for your brand
  • How to develop a strong relationship with event organisers
  • Genuine examples from top brands of ideas that have worked
  • Five of the best freebies to give away to create a real buzz among delegates
  • Innovative methods to collect data on attendees.