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Prepare yourself for the future of demand generation

Download this free report to learn what the future holds for demand gen, now, in the near future – and beyond

While generating demand has been marketing’s purpose since day dot, the discipline of ‘demand generation’ only came to prominence with the launch of the first marketing automation platforms at the turn of the century.

After two decades, the landscape has changed significantly and marketers tasked with demand generation are facing unprecedented headwinds.

Download this free 18-page guide, to discover:

  • The challenges currently facing demand gen marketers.
  • How demand gen marketers are tackling these issues now.
  • What demand gen will look like in the near future, and how to prepare.
  • How the landscape of demand gen will look in the next 10 years (spoiler alert: completely different).
Prepare yourself for the future of demand generation

"A good head of demand generation needs to understand the complexities of all these different areas"

James Arnall, marketing director, Perkbox