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Reaching today’s tech buyer: Why the tech buying demographic has changed, and how B2B marketers can reach them

Remember when marketing your tech was a simple affair? IT departments were almost certain to be the buyer, and you knew they spoke the language of tech.

However, in today’s world, tech buyers are located in every department and more often than not don’t understand (or perhaps don’t care about) the technical specifications. Instead, people want to hear human stories, examples of how this solution will make their life easier, and more.

That’s why we interviewed a number of senior B2B tech marketers to learn just how they’re marketing to this new demographic.

Download this report now to learn:

  • Why the tech buyer demographic has changed.
  • The role of Covid-19 in this shift.
  • The importance of telling ‘human’ stories.
  • How vendors are reaching the new breed of tech buyer.
  • Four lessons for tech marketers, from vendors themselves.

“Everyone is interested in human stories – just think about the content that’s stopped you in your social media scroll most recently and I bet the majority is people-focused stories. As tech vendors, we have an opportunity to share them. Behind every product or service are fantastic people, who all have a part to play in enabling our customers to achieve their goals.”

Sally Adam, marketing director, Sophos


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