What ABM really means and looks like for marketers

Just 11% of B2B marketing teams have a fully developed ABM plan in place.

For many marketers, the principle requirements of ABM are clear. But there's much less clarity around what 'doing ABM' will actually mean for your marketing team, and what they do.

This 21-page guide will show you , in clear and underdstandable terms, what ABM could look like for your marketing team.

Download your copy to discover:

• How to set objectives and targets for your ABM
• How to plan your ABM budget, resources and team structure
• Understanding and planning what your marketing team might actually do
• How to plan and create personalised ABM content
• How to successfully build hospitality into your ABM outreach
• How to report on your ABM success

This free report is the place to start if you want a more practical understanding of the impact of ABM on your marketing team's activities.  Download it now to access:

• An 8 step plan to show you how your marketing team should be spending their time
• Example ABM objectives to allow you to build your approach
• Skills maps to identify gaps in your team
• A cheatsheet for tailoring your engagement activities by personality type
• An ABM engagement plan template

And much more.

What ABM really means and looks like for marketers

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ABM: Getting it right and making it happen

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