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What role can marketing play in improving customer experience?

Do you want to see where marketers are at in their efforts to improve CX?

Perhaps you want to learn who even takes ownership of CX in B2B organisations? Download this report now to see what the state of play is, and how you can improve your CX today.

By downloading this report, you will learn:

  • Which tools organisations are leveraging to optimise CX.
  • The metrics your peers are utilising to measure CX.
  • Just how important marketers see CX as being within their organisations.
  • The marketing imperatives that drive CX.
  • Commentary from our Propolis Hive leader for CX, Barbara Stewart.

“Now is the ideal time for B2B marketers to step in and lead the delivery of a customer experience from end to end to deliver a marketing-led customer  experience.”

Barbara Stewart, Propolis Hive expert for CX


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