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Your guide to building a successful B2B brand ambassador program

Download our free, complete, step-by-step guide to B2B brand ambassador marketing 

Knowing how to build an effective brand ambassador program can have a hugely positive impact on your marketing results, helping you to:

  • Build greater brand credibility and trust
  • Achieve wider and deeper message reach
  • Deliver higher pipeline conversion rates
  • Seriously increase your revenue marketing results.

This free guide will show you exactly how to do it

Download our free 25 page guide and you'll have a blueprint for creating a killer brand ambassador program.

Step by step we'll show you:

  • What your brand ambassadors can do for your business
  • Where to find your current and future ambassadors
  • A proven process for targeting your best customer advocates
  • How to build a high-performance outreach and engagement plan
  • How to use incentives and empowerment to nurture customer advocacy
  • Where customer experience fits in
  • How to measure and prove your results and success.
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Awareness is fine, but advocacy will take your business to the next level.

Joe Tripodi, CMO, The Coca-Cola Company