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There are a variety of ways you can contribute to B2B Marketing. Please see below for the main editorial contacts.

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Forward features

To contribute a feature idea or comment for a feature or a blog, email deputy editor Paul Snell. If this is of relevance, it will be forwarded to the appropriate writer and an interview will be arranged. Upcoming topics are below - if you or a client have insight that you think we could use, do get in touch!

B2B Marketing contribute page

Upcoming features​​

  • Seven signs your team is not happy and needs a motivation injection​

Upcoming blogs

  • #DearB2B (monthly)
  • Creative of the quarter: We curate the very best of the past three month's creative work and explore why it works so well.

Premium content

We're often on the lookout for expert comment and case studies to include in premium content, which are published on a monthly basis. Email Paul Snell if you'd like to contribute. Upcoming topics include:

  • ABM
  • Emotional marketing.
B2B Marketing contribute page

Free downloadable guides

If you have a suggestion of a hot topic you’d like to see covered in one of our downloadable guides, please contact deputy editor Paul Snell with your idea. Upcoming topics include:

  • Great examples of emotional B2B marketing.
  • What's in a B2B marketer's ABM tech stack.
  • Great examples of virtual reality and augmented reality in B2B marketing.
B2B Marketing contribute page

Case studies

If you have a case study you’d like to share please get in touch with our digital content manager Alex Clarke. Please bear in mind that we’re only interested in case studies that demonstrate impressive tangible results and clearly show how these results have been achieved. We’ll also need high-resolution images and/or video to bring the campaign in question to life!

B2B Marketing contribute page


We host a variety of opinion pieces on our site, covering a broad range of topics. However, to meet our editorial standards, all content must be exclusive to B2B Marketing, of extremely high quality, and deliver original thought leadership insight that is firmly rooted in the B2B marketing space. Please fill out a become a blogger form to get started.

B2B Marketing contribute page

Speaker opportunities

If you'd like to be a speaker at one of B2B Marketing's regular training workshops, events or seminars, please email For a more detailed breakdown of our annual events offering, check out our events hub.

B2B Marketing contribute page