How tos

Word count: 800 (flexible)

These articles are designed to provide marketers with practical tips and guidance on how to achieve a specific marketing objective or business need. This would be made clear in the title. For example: ‘How to... refresh your marketing database'.

They must NOT be a general discussion around the issue with no specific actionable advice - the article must deliver clear guidance that is easily accessible.

Structure and style

In terms of structure, to meet the objective of the article, they should be broken down into clearly identified steps or bullet points to help the reader navigate the content quickly and draw out relevant information in the quickest possible manner. This could even be drawn through into the title; for example: ‘Six golden rules for refreshing your marketing database'.

The number of points used could vary between three or six, depending on the subject and the advice on the author's perspective. Obviously the fewer points specified, the more detail will be required.

The article must start with an introduction, briefly explaining the dynamics of the business objective or issue. It is suggested this should be no more than 250 words. The remainder of the article should be devoted to the advice and practical guidance, using B2B examples to illustrate whenever possible.

It must be written in the first person.

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