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The innovation benchmarking report: Your guide to building a culture of innovation in B2B marketing

Discover how to develop an innovative mentality that'll drive ROI


Innovation can feel like a fluffed up, hyped up concept, but in practice, it’s what separates the successful businesses of today from those that will survive in the long term. This report filters out the babble to provide practical case studies and advice from tech-based marketers on how to foster a culture of innovation within your team. And, most crucially, how to use that mindset to drive ROI.

This report provides: 

  • Analysis on the current state of innovation in B2B marketing 
  • Insight into how tech companies innovate – from fintech start-ups to IBM
  • Practical advice on how to foster an ‘okay to fail’ culture
  • How to carve out dedicated resources including time, budget and staffing
  • Examples of how Agile methods can improve innovation
  • Advice on building the right team for innovation.
6 steps to understanding your customer's buying process

This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist.

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“Only 30% strongly agree there’s a culture of innovation in their organisation and a shockingly low 12% strongly agree that failure is welcomed, even when lessons are learned”

A look inside


Introduction: What is innovation anyway? 

1 – Survey results: A snapshot of innovation in marketing

2 – 7 steps to innovation: The marketing innovation model

3 – The board and its backing

4 – Teaching the team that it’s okay to fail

5 – The power of storytelling

6 – Finding time to innovate

7 – A case study on innovation: Adobe Kickbox

8 – Organisational structure: How IBM has adopted Agile

9 – Upscaling innovation: Thoughts from a growing fintech

10 – Building the right team for innovation