Introductory Certificate in B2B marketing

Fast-forward your career

B2B Marketing has created the only UK recognised qualification programme, to help you master a multitude of skills vital to success in the B2B space. With B2B-specific examples and tools, you can use in your day-to-day role; you can start building your career as a B2B marketer without having to take precious time away from work.

By enrolling on the Introductory Certificate in B2B Marketing, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics between the marketing department, the board, and the sales team. This is the place where ambitious B2B marketers can accelerate their careers by formalising their knowledge and acquiring a whole new skillset.

The Introductory Certificate is available online, and is attained by completing the following modules:

  1. Marketing and business alignment
  2. Marketing planning and strategy
  3. The role of the brand
  4. Product and service lifecycles
  5. The customer lifecycle
  6. Customer insight
  7. Measurement and reporting
  8. Marketing campaign implementation
  9. Sales and marketing integration
  10. Communication and promotion
  11. Routes to market.

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