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Learning to love change

It’s human instinct to fear change. Yet today’s CMO must overcome this resistance. Those who don’t embrace the full spectrum of marketing opportunities and use change to their advantage will be picked from the herd. 

During this roundtable, senior marketing leaders from a range of industries will discuss how they’re learning to love change – from developing agility within their team to improving the customer lifetime value (CLV).

Come ready to share your heaviest burdens on managing disruption and walk away with actionable advice from your fellow senior marketing leaders. 

The discussion will include:

  1. Why change is a force for good - We'll dissect the most disruptive challenges facing you and your team – plus approaches to leveraging that change.
  2. The customer is king - How can you increase customer acquisition, engagement, experience, and advocacy? And with the rise of personalisation and experiential campaigns, are you onboard with account-based marketing?
  3. Tech - Are you a slave to your tech investments or failing to invest at all? We'll share the relative merits of new technological issues such as AI, blockchain and AR/VR as well as the most common challenge of integrating and deploying your existing your existing stack.
  4. Changing team dynamics - Traditional approaches to siloed marketing and sales teams are dying. We'll review the need for new skills and roles, plus discuss the changing role of the CMO.
  5. Content as a facilitator of growth - How is content driving your company's growth and what efforts are you taking to ensure it's personalised, targeted and timely?


When? - Wednesday 27th March, 2019, 10am - 12pm

Where? - B2B Marketing, Clover House, 147-9 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3HN

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