Marketing metrics: Delivering value and proving your worth

Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 10:00am
B2B Marketing HQ

Please not that this roundtable is now full- however we have a reserve list in case of drop outs.


One of the biggest challengers B2B marketing leaders have to contend with in the boardroom is that their numbers and metrics aren't taken as seriously as those of other departments, such as finance. Marketing metrics are projected and far less "certain" than other numbers within the business and are often talking about possibilities of growth and very rarely talking about loss, which due to loss aversion means that the potential losses and costs are taken more seriously. 

However, marketers cannot shirk the blame entirely. It is imperative that we create a set of established metrics that the board can understand and respect. But to achieve that, there is much groundwork to be laid, both in terms of understanding the wider challenges of the business, translating those into the numbers you generate for your team, and also making sure your departmental metrics are sharp too.

Senior marketers should have an intimate knowledge of the overall company performance and how marketing supports it. They must also be able to translate those objectives to their team – in the right way, at the right time.

During this discussion we’ll uncover how to become the master of metrics, both for your department and the wider business.

Join your industry peers to discuss and learn how to:

  • Collaborate with other departments to create meaningful metrics for the whole business
  • Set metrics that earn you trust and respect with the board.
  • Set achievable targets that motivate your team (and know when to move the carrot).
  • Respond to pressure when not hitting your numbers (and show what you are achieving)
  • Lead a team through a change in metrics (and understand how long it will take to see results)
  •  Educate your team on the business’ wider metrics, and make sure they translate down through each member of your team and their efforts.