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Marketing plans: how to plan for the future in an era of uncertainty

Thursday, September 3, 2020 -
9:30am to 11:00am
Zoom virtual session

In March 2020, many B2B marketers found their marketing plans weren’t worth the paper they were written on – Covid19 and lockdown meant activities and expectations had to be completely rewritten.

Despite some lockdown restrictions easing, the future hasn’t necessarily become any clearer, meaning that marketing planning remains extremely difficult. So how should B2B marketing leaders go about creating plans for campaigns and programmes in such an uncertain environment? How can they maximise flexibility to enable rapid reaction to shifting circumstances and priorities? And what resources in what configuration do they need to facilitate this? These are the questions that we’ll be asking in this virtual B2B Marketing Leaders roundtable in partnership with Snowflake.

In this roundtable, we'll examine:

• What’s best practice in terms of triaging and prioritising existing projects?
• How do you manage stakeholder expectations with limited forward clarity?
• How can you launch new projects or undertake strategic initiatives in an uncertain climate?
• What should marketing plans actually look like, and how far ahead can marketers realistically expect to plan for?