Mastering employee advocacy at KPMG

Hi Daniel, Garry and the team

In professional services firms like yours, the thoughts of technical experts are sought after and valued by the wider community

So, as marketers, there is real value in leveraging their expertise in other departments for truly useful content

Here are a few articles with hints and tips for you to check out in your employee advocacy programme to do just that

Finally, and hot off the press, you may like a couple of the B2B awards case studies as the winners were announced last week.

First, the winner for internal marketing campaign winner. It's not quite the same sector as you, but it may provide a little inspiration for ways to remind people how great it is to work with KPMG.

The other is the winner for best website: KPMG small business accounting! So if you see anybody in this picture around the office, be sure to offer your congratulations

If you'd like to chat about how you can affect Employee Advocacy as a Marketing Leader, you should come to our roundtable in February on the marketing department of the future. It's firmly on the agenda! To register to attend, just click here. 

All the best, 

Adam and Sarah, B2B Marketing