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ABM Talent Spotting

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United Kingdom

How can you find, nurture and retain the talent and skills you need to make ABM a success in your business?

As we see more brands embark on their ABM journey, a common theme has turned up again and again; it takes a certain sort of person, with a certain set of attributes, to be an Account-based marketer.

In particular, ABM veterans like Andrea Clatworthy suggest that the role of an ABMer is a form of “mini-CMO”- we don’t need to tell you just how tough a job that is. ABMers need to collaboration across departments, understand campaigns, multiple marketing disciplines and 

Right now, there aren’t many tried and tested ABMers out there in the market, which means it’s up to CMOs to build them. So how can you find people with the potential to work in an ABM environment, and how do you mould those traits into a commercial asset?

How can you blend outside expertise with your in-house teams as they get up to speed? 

Furthermore, how do you ensure that your hard work in cultivating ABM experts isn't harvested by a rival firm? 


Key topics of discussion:

  • What are the raw materials needed to become a successful account based marketer?
  • What Leaders can do to sniff out those people within the business- whether or not they currently sit in marketing
  • How your ABM structure will affect your outlook on the necessary skills mix.  
  • Key points to look for when going externally for new ABM talent
  • Training and developing to turn your ABM potential into profit
  • How to stop your wonderful expert ABMers from jumping ship.
  • How else can you develop your skills as the leader of an ABM function?

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