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Account-based marketing benchmarking report

Essential insights to inform the future development of your ABM programme


ABM is the most exciting and the fast-growing flavour of B2B marketing, with early adopters showing phenomenal success and redrawing the map of sales and marketing relationships. But amid a barrage of hype from tech vendors, what does best practice really look like? What sensible steps should you take to begin your ABM journey, or to take an existing programme to the next level? This report cuts through the clutter and noise to provide a robust framework for ABM adoption.

This report will help you to:

  • Understand what ABM is, how it could be relevant to your marketing, and the transformations required for successful deployment.
  • Identify which type of ABM might be relevant to you.
  • Plot the steps that you need to take to be successful with ABM.
  • Benchmark your level of ABM readiness, plus skills and competencies. 

“ABM is transforming how B2B marketing and salespeople work together, and how they engage with customers”

A look inside

  • ABM report
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Introduction – Time to simplify your ABM journey

1 – What is ABM, and why are we talking about it now?

2 – Who is ABM for, and what are the benefits?

3 – What does ABM look like?

4 – Results of the ABM Census 2017

5 – The B2B Marketing ABM Maturity Index – a new framework

6 – The B2B Marketing ABM Benchmark

7 – Q&As with B2B marketers about their use of ABM

8 – ABM campaign case studies