Awards 2015 case study: B2B marketing campaign/strategy of the year – InsightBee

Discover how Earnest and InsightBee smashed all their targets for the launch of a new online service, generating over 600 qualified leads and 34,000 website visits


Business research company InsightBee hired Earnest to help create an online service that would drive demand and increase awareness and customer engagement.

Earnest tested a number of different channels over a two-month period in order to create a campaign that would make the most of an agile marketing approach.

It targeted two sectors – law and IT – and used a content-led approach, supported by outbound and utilising different types of ad format.

Results included over 600 qualified leads, nearly 34,000 site visits and over 1000 video views.

"Outcome has been highly satisfying. Within four months of launch, we‘ve achieved significant market traction"

Manoj Madhusudanan, MD, InsightBee

A look inside

Category name: B2B marketing campaign/strategy of the year

Programme name: Quality insights, quicker

Client: InsightBee

Agency: Earnest