Awards 2015 case study: Best channel marketing initiative – Cyance

Discover how insurance wholesaler, iprism, used customer value rankings and smart customer segmentation to create a channel marketing strategy that fueled record-breaking 42 per cent revenue growth


United Kingdom

Until recently, business insurance was generally sold over the phone or via clunky extranet systems.

iprism, a wholesaler of insurance products for SME businesses and high net worth individuals, needed a marketing strategy to build on its first-mover advantage and keep the competition at bay.

What followed was an intense few months of data analysis and insight gathering from Cyance, to give iprism a deeper understanding of its existing broker customer base and find the most lucrative growth opportunities.

iprism enjoyed results such as a 42 per cent increase in overall broker spend and 250 per cent greater broker marketing engagement, compared to the previous year.

"We have found Cyance to be friendly, personable and hands on. The team is full of ideas and created a strategy that not only helped us identify our best opportunities, but also nurtured more sales. This was enhanced by reviewing, learning and adapting along the way" 

Nate Filer, head of marketing, iprism

A look inside

Category name: Best channel marketing initiative

Programme name: Broker Power - The Broker's Champion

Agency: Cyance

Client: iprism