Awards 2015 case study: Best existing customer programme – Idea Bank

How Idea Bank took on the big players and launched a mobile app that meets the needs of its cash transaction-based customers perfectly - by bringing cashpoints straight to their door


Idea Bank operates in a highly competitive market. In order to entice potential clients away from its rivals, the company has developed a strategy of delivering innovative SME-target tools for business management.

'Idea Bank’s Mobile CDM fleet' campaign was designed to engage existing customers and increase brand awareness. The mobile cash deposit machine (CDM) service was the solution.

The Polish bank turned a fleet of cars into mobile CDMs so its SME customers could summon them to their offices rather than taking a trip to a bank.

"Those who personally deliver their income to the bank or a stationary CDM waste both their time and money. We are the first bank to bring cash machines directly to our clients"

Dominik Fajbusiewicz, Idea Bank board member

A look inside

Category name: Best existing customer programme

Programme name: Idea Bank’s mobile CDM fleet

Client: Idea Bank