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Awards 2015 case study: Best public relations campaign – O2 Business

Discover how a fleet of ice cream vans, a small business 'digital makeover' and a radical brand repositioning campaign helped O2 reach over 25.5 million people and win the Best PR Campaign of 2015.


O2 chose a fleet of ice cream vans and a small business 'digital makeover' to create an inspiring PR campaign that radically repositioned the brand, and made national news.

When business as usual was no longer enough, O2 pressed reset, radically rethinking its business model to transform from a mobile operator into a digital services provider and extend into a rapidly developing market, while meeting the changing needs of its customers. O2 Business wanted to create a disruptive PR campaign to showcase how its latest digital products and services can help small businesses work faster, smarter and more productively - and prove how digital technology can help start-ups and small businesses thrive and grow. 

The idea was to perform a ‘digital makeover’ on a small business within a much loved traditional British industry. O2 chose an ice cream van business with little digital usage. It provided the company with a bespoke suite of new technology, enabling it to prove first-hand the benefits of digital technology, crucial to the largely mobile workforce. 

“The ‘digital makeover’ enabled us to prove first-hand how O2 Business is helping small businesses grow and thrive in an increasingly digital Britain"

A look inside

Category name: Best public relations campaign

Programme name: Tony Fresko ice cream van – Digital makeover 

Client: O2 Business, a Telefonica UK company

Agency: MBA