Awards 2015 case study: Best use of creative – Powwownow

Shortlisted for 'Best use of creative', Powwownow’s ‘Avoid the horror’ campaign targeted commuters during their journey to work with creative inspired by iconic horror movies, and delivered over 30,000 registrations


In order to ensure its services were front-of-mind and focused on the benefits of its services, conference call services provider Powwownow decided to focus on the commuter audience. It wanted to highlight the horror people face during their commute every day, with a view to making Powwownow seem like the sensible choice.

The brand launched its 'Avoid the horror' campaign, which took cues from classic horror movies such as Halloween and Dawn of the Dead. The target audience was commuters, and the media strategy was focused on reaching them while in transit via digital 6-sheets, digital escalator panels, radio spots, tube car panels and taxis. 

The campaign was highly successful, with more than 29,500 registrations made during the course of the camapaign and an increase in ad awareness of 37.5 per cent and increase of 6.7 per cent brand awareness. 


"The uplift in subscriptions and increase in brand awareness has helped us prove that great creative work in the right context can truly drive the commercials of a business such as ours"

Gareth Foster, marketing director, Powwownow

A look inside

Category name: Best use of creative 

Programme name: Avoid the horror

Agency: Hometown London 

Client: Powwownow